Male Waxing

Male Waxing and Price Information

Advantages of Male Waxing

Advocates of male waxing say the aesthetic benefits of male body hair removal are not the only ones. Other benefits include:

  • To show off muscle tone. Definition is much more visible when there is no excess hair obstructing the view.
  • To improve performance in sports, especially to increase speed. Ever wondered why professional male swimmers shave their heads – and legs?
  • To increase levels of hygiene. Too much hair down there can increase the likelihood of germs congregating, which can cause infection or just be unpleasant.
  • To make one’s manhood appear larger. You want to be able to see the forest through the trees, so to speak.




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Male Waxing Price Guide

• Eyebrow wax/shape £8
• Top lip/chin £8
• Ears £8
• Nostrils £8
• Nipple £8
• Under arm £10
• Tummy line £8
• Half back £10
• Half chest £10
• Full back £20
• Full chest £20
• Buttocks £15
• Full leg £30
• Half leg £20
• Full arm £30
• Half arm £20
Shoulders £8
• Speedo line £20 (sides of legs and inner parts of groin area)