Female Waxing

Female Waxing Plus Price List..

Hollywood & Brazilian:
We remove all hair starting from the edge of your pant line through to your inner and outer labia, all hair around your anus will be removed but is optional. A Brazilian wax leaves a strip on your pubic mound a width and length of your choice, normally the width of 2 fingers. You can discuss with your Waxing Specialist. The strip is optional and can be removed for a Hollywood, We don’t charge extra for removing your strip as our waxing technique is so thorough that it only takes us a second to remove it for you.

French Bikini:
We remove hair from the outside of your pant line in towards your outer Labia. A larger sized strip is left on the top and hair is left in a thicker line right the way down to the anus. Anus hair can be removed in this wax if required. This Wax is suited to some one wanting a thicker strip on top and hair leaving right the way through and is unsure about going for a Hollywood or Brazilian.

Basic Bikini:
We remove all the hair from the pant line and a small way in leaving a clean, smooth finish on the top of the pubic area also Removes all hair around the inside of the legs. This wax is a more modest wax and would remove all hair growth that would stray out of a basic pant line.

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Ears £8
Nostrils £8
Nipple £8
Under arm £10
Tummy line £8
Half leg/arm £12 (including toes or fingers)
Full leg/arm £18 (including toes or fingers)
Toes/Fingers £8
Buttocks £15
Basic Bikini £16 (Sides of legs)
French £20
Brazilian £25 (Landing strip)
Hollywood £25 (Hair free)
Eyebrow wax/shape £8
Full body wax £85 (Full leg, full arm, under arm, Bikini Wax, eye brows, lip & chin)